Method of working and remuneration
  Professional conference interpreters generally charge by the day. Their remuneration is based
on daily rates which include the time required for (technical and terminological) preparation.
There are additional expenses for travel and accommodation if applicable.

Interpreting modes
Simultaneous interpreting
  The discourse is interpreted quasi-simultaneously with the interpreter working
in a soundproof booth. The benefit of this interpreting mode is rendition into another
language without delay. Interpreting teams: Simultaneous interpreting requires a very high
level of concentration. Therefore, interpreters work in teams of two or three and take turns
after approximately 30 minutes each. The size of the team depends on the number
of languages required, the overall duration of the event, how tight the schedule is and
the complexity of the conference topic.

Whispering mode
  This is a special form of simultaneous interpreting whereby the interpreter whispers to the
listeners (generally with a wireless transmission microphone and headsets for the listeners).
This interpreting mode is extremely tiring for both listeners and interpreters and can therefore
only be recommended for events with very few participants and a very limited time frame.

Consecutive interpreting
  The discourse is rendered afterwards. The interpreter takes notes of what is said using
a special note-taking technique and interprets the entire speech afterwards or section
by section (liaison interpreting). With this interpreting mode it is important to bear
in mind that twice as much time is required as speaker and interpreter must alternate.
It is therefore only suitable for specific occasions such as dinner speeches or
small-scale negotiating rounds or meetings.

Conference preparation
  Professional conference interpreters familiarise themselves specifically with your field of
expertise with regard to technical content and terminology. You can facilitate our preparatory
work by making relevant documents available prior to the conference. Conference interpreters
are subject to strict professional discretion. Therefore your documents will be treated as strictly
confidential and this will also be backed up by a contractual guarantee.